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BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd

Mamunul Hasan,
BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd


I am Mamunul Hasan, working in BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. As a Process & Planning Engineer in Body Shop, I have completed my bachelor’s degree from China. I started my undergraduate study in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at United International University (UIU) in Spring 2007. From UIU I completed 108 credit hours out of 143.5 credit hours of EEE program and then transferred my earned credits from UIU to Shenyang University Chemical Technology in China to study Electrical & Automation Engineering. Here it took 18 months to finish my degree. My first job experience in China was in Tire Company as an Intern Maintenance Engineer. In China internship is a mandatory requirement for completion of your degree. Every undergraduate student has to work as an intern employee in a company to finish his/her bachelor’s degree. Usually the universities arrange this internship for their students. After a successful completion of my internship I applied in BMW as a Process & Planning Engineer and passed the interview and joined BMW in May 20, 2014.

As a former student of UIU, I always have my best wishes for you all. Please keep me in your prayers, so that I can pursue a successful professional career in BMW.



MJA Shawon , National Oil Company (ADNOC) Abu Dhabi

MJA Shawon ,
National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Abu Dhabi

I am MJA Shawon ex UIU student (ID: 021061010). I have completed my bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) from UIU during the time period of 2006 to 2010. In the final year of bachelor I did my major in “Power system” and thesis in Communication tittle as “Biometric Communication Channel”. While working on the thesis I was looking for the MSc scholarship aboard and by the grace of Almighty Allah I have found a good opportunity to do MSc in Electrical Engineering (EE) in Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE. In my MSc I worked on Renewable Energy and did thesis on Solar & Wind energy system titled as “Power Management of a Stand Alone PV Wind Hybrid Energy System”. During MSc I have published some research articles and attended some international conferences related to my research field which gave me a good experience to explore the area I was working. In my final year of MSc I was recruited by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)-TAKREER as an Electrical Engineer. I have joined ADNOC in 2013 after my graduation and since then I am working there as an Electrical Engineer in the Commissioning Department.




Nasiba Anni

Hello to all. I am Nasiba Anni, ex-student of BSC in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at United International University. I enrolled in the Spring 2009 trimester and completed my degree by Fall 2012. Currently I am residing in Australia and am working as a Customer Service Representative at Cleanaway. Cleanaway is a part of Transpacific Industries and Australia’s leading company in the Environment Management Industry.

My journey at UIU had been wonderful with the help of all the teachers as well as my friends. I majored in Electronics and had Communications as my minor. During my time there, I had been a part of the UIU Debate club and UIU Theatre for some time. I had also participated in the Intra-University Math Olympiad competitions organised by BUET, East West University and BRAC University. I am the first student from UIU to have achieved a position in the top ten awardees for the competition at East-West University twice in a row and am the only female top-scorer in Bangladesh both times. I also participated in the Inter-University sports competition at UIU and was the female champion in table-tennis.

I plan on studying further and doing Master by Research in the Biomedical Engineering field and try to lead it to a PhD. I main aim is to teach at a university by Allah’s Grace.

My message to all the students reading this is to aim high and not be afraid to reach your goals. Allah is with those who try. Good luck in your journey with UIU!



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