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Highly qualified faculties graduated with extra-ordinary results from renowned universities are one of the notable strengths of EEE Department. 25 full-time faculties as well as senior professors from renowned universities of the country are working as part-time faculties to take care of the courses with unparalleled quality. Currently, the Department has 9 PhDs, 8 MScs, 6 BScs and designation-wise there are 3 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 8 Assistant Professors and 12 Lecturers.

Since its inception in January 2004, EEE Department of UIU has already shown its remarkable progress towards becoming one of the best engineering Departments in the country to pursue undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Sc. in EEE) and Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (B.Sc. in ETE). The healthy relationship between the faculty and the students is a major strength for which EEE department of UIU stands clearly ahead of others.

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Name Designation Date of Joining in the Present Post Highest Qualification Specialization Total experience in the research industry/ organization
Dr. M. Rezwan Khan Professor March, 2005 PhD Microwaves & Modern Optics 35 years
Dr. Raqibul Mostafa Professor Sep, 2014 Ph.D. Wireless communication and DSP 23 years
Dr. Khawza Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed Professor 2014 Ph.D. Wireless communication and DSP 18 years
Dr. Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury Associate Professor Nov, 2013 Ph.D. Electronics 18 years
Dr. Masukur Rahman Associate Professor Nov, 2013 Ph.D. Informatics and Intelligent systems. 13 years
Dr. Intekhab Alam Assistant Professor 2013 Ph.D. Optics and Photonics 9 years
Dr. Tishna Sabrina Assistant Professor 2014 Ph.D. Communication 9 years.
Md. Salahuddin Ahmed Assistant Professor Feb’2008 MSc. VLSI 16 years.
Md. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury Assistant Professor Oct’2006 MSc. Renewable Energy 15 years.
GMA Ehsan Ur Rahman Assistant Professor October’2009 MSc. Electronics 13 years
Mohammed. Sarwar Hossain Assistant Professor February’ 2010 MS Communication 9 years
B.K M Mizanur Rahman Assistant Professor August’2008 MSc. Communication 9 years
Md. Rakibul Karim Akanda Assistant Professor November’2013 MSc. Electronics,
Nano Devices
3 year
Helena Bulbul Lecturer May’2006 BSc. Power Electronics 15 years
Md Nadeem Chowdhury Lecturer June’2013 BSc. Electronics & Power 3 years
Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Khan Lecturer Sep’2014 BSc. Electronics 2 years
MONJURUL FEEROZ MEEM Lecturer Sep’2014 BSc. Electronics 2 years
Khandker Akif Aabrar Lecturer Sep’2015 BSc.
Optoelectronics, photonics,nanotechnology
1.5 years
Md. Zubair Alam Lecturer Sep’2015 BSc.
Electronic Circuits
1.5 years
Navid Ibtehaj Nizam Lecturer Sep’2015 BSc.
Biomedical Signal Processing
1.5 years
Ishtiaque Ahmed Navid Lecturer Sep’ 2016 BSc
Avijit Saha Lecturer Sep’ 2016 BSc
Rabayet Sadnan Lecturer Sep’ 2016 BSc
Sadia Anjum Tumpa Lecturer Sep’ 2016 BSc
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