Publish Date : 17th May, 2020

Notice on Continuing Courses


This is to notify the students of EEE department that the following lab courses are withheld this trimester (Spring 2020):


EEE 104 / EEE 1004: Electrical Circuits Laboratory

PHY 104 / PHY 1104: Physics Laboratory

CHEM 102 / CHE 2102: Chemistry Laboratory

EEE 206 / EEE 2204: Energy Conversion Laboratory

EEE 308 / EEE 3208: Power Electronics Laboratory


For these five courses, students do not need to apply for ‘I’ grades. These courses will continue to the next trimester and are only activated when regular classes resume. Withholding of these courses will not affect scholarship or tuition fees waiver policy of the students who are enrolled in these courses.


Dr. Intekhab Alam
Head, Dept. of EEE, UIU



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