Publish Date : 14th July, 2016

Undergraduate Thesis Topics for Summer 2016



Name of faculty member

Project Title

Dr. Fayyaz Khan 1. Development of SVP and SVC models for an efficient transmission network.
2. Automatic Generation control for MW and MVAR sharing between generators of a power station.
3.  Protection coordination in a transmission network.
Dr. Raqibul


Review of 5G Communication systems and networks
Dr. Khawza I. Ahmed 1. Cardiac Anomaly Detection from Heart Murmurs.
2. Classification of Sensory Motor Rhythm from Hybrid EEG-fNIRS Recordings.
3. Development of new and low cost technology for a screening complications in prediabetic and diabetic population in bangladesh
Dr. MK Masukur Rahman 1. Detection of motor Imagery Signal from EEG for Brain Computer Interface
2. Self-Organizing Map based feature representation of tree-structured EEG features
3. Automatic extraction of Battery characteristics.

Dr. Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury

1. Analytical Modeling and Simulation of SiGe MOS Gate HEMT.
2. Analytical modeling of trilayer graphene nanoribbon Schottky-Barrier FET for Switching Applications.
Salahuddin Ahmed IO Pads design for ASIC in Cadence Virtuoso AbstractInput/output/tri-state/PG/IO pads design for top (chip) level design

Md. Zubair Alam


Modelling of GNRFET using COMSOL

Dr. Intekhab Alam 1. All optical photonic transistor
2. Exploiting Kerr material in photonic systems
Mohammed Sarwar Hossain Receiver Design and Performance Analysis using MATLAB
Dr. Siddique Mohammad Lutful Kabir Power transfer of an AC generator to a DC grid.
GMA Ehsan UR Rahman 1. Design and implementation of a modified GPS active antenna.
2. Design and implementation of robotic circuit tester
3. Design and implementation of a robotic arm for mars rover


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