Nur-E-Mohammad Rifat’s Work Helps to Detect Black Hole Collisions Easily

Publish Date : 19th May, 2021

The research of Nur-E-Mohammad Rifat, guided by Professors Scott Field, Gaurav Khanna and Vijay Varma, will pave the way to detect black hole collisions without doing full numerical relativity simulations of the complex interactions between colliding black holes. The researchers used a technique of treating the smaller blackhole as a “point particle” that simplifies the scenario greatly yet providing results with ~99% accuracy.


Rifat is a EEE alumni, who completed his BSc from UIU in 2013. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in the University of South Carolina, USA. The aforementioned work was performed during his master’s program in the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA. To know more about the outstanding work, please visit:


Linked-in profile of Nur-E-Mohammad Rifat:


Dept. of EEE would like to congratulate Rifat for his excellent work and wish him a successful career!

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