Publish Date : 17th August, 2017



On-line Course Final Advising

COURSE FINAL ADVISING (Section/Time Selection) for Fall   2017 TRIMESTER


Course Final Advising (Section/Time Selection) of EEE and ETE Programs for Fall  2017 trimester will be held from August 22 (Tuesday), 2017 to August 24 (Thursday), 2017 from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Students can complete final advising by using any computer from UIU Computer Lab. They can also complete final advising from home or any other place outside of UIU. Students are advised to follow the instructions attached herewith this notice. 

Students are also advised to choose time/section of the courses very carefully. They will not be allowed to DROP/CHANGE any course after completion of final advising.

It is to be noted that without completing course/teacher evaluation students will not be allowed to do the final advising.



Instructions for Final-advising (Section/Time Selection) in U-CAM


All students are now requested to complete their final-advising to new website

How to Log in?

  1. Please visit and type your UCAM login ID and PASSWORD.
  2. If you cannot log in or cannot remember your password, please contact –


Campus 1(Dhanmondi 15) 

Mr. Nazmul

Room No. 222 (2nd Floor)

PABX Ext. 305,


Campus 2(Dhanmondi 27) 

Mr. Shamim

Room No. 1503,

PABX Ext. 153,



How to do Final-advising?

  1. After Login, Go to Registration > Section Selection & Registration.
  2. Click “Take” button under “Section” column to select a section for respective course.
  3. To remove selected section click on the “Remove” button under “Section Remove”
  4. To change a selected section click Change” button under “Section” and then select a section for respective course.



For any query contact with:

G.M . Monjur Morshed

Software  Analyst. CITS

Room # 422 ( 4th Floor, Glass Room)

Mob: 01711665055

Email :


Dr. Md.Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury

Head, Department of EEE

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