Publish Date : 27th November, 2018


EEE& ETE Students

Course Pre- Advising (Course Selection) For Spring 2019 Trimester

Course Pre- Advising of EEE and ETE Program for Fall 2018 trimester will be held from December 03 (Monday), 2018 to December 05 (Wednesday), 2018 . 


Please note of the following: 

  1. Students can complete Pre-advising from UIU, Home or any other place outside of UIU Web address:
  1. Students under 1st & 2nd time Probation will be allowed to do pre-advising
  2. 3rd time Probationary students will not be allowed to do pre-advising(Course selection) 
  1. Students are advised to check examination routine of Spring 2018 and Course Sequence while selecting the courses in order to avoid time conflicts. Exam routine is given on the notice board & Software.
  2. Students are advised to follow the instructions attached herewith this notice.
  3. Students can re-take any course while choosing their courses. No student will be allowed to retake any course after pre-advising.




Dr. Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury

Head, Department of EEE






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