Publish Date : 30th November, 2019

Internship Application Notice


Dear students,

We are pleased to announce that the department of EEE has taken an initiative to offer internship to the graduates!


  • The students have to apply to the department using the “Internship Application Form” (can be found in the Department or download from here).
  • Only the students who have graduated or will graduate in Fall 2019 trimester can apply.
  • The allocation of internship will solely be determined by CGPA.
  • The number of internship opportunity is limited. Hence, there is no guarantee that the students who apply will get an internship offer.
  • There is no guarantee of remuneration.
  • The students who will be selected for internship has to sign an undertaking to ensure that they will complete the given job for a full tenure. We expect our graduates to perform exceedingly well and make a positive impression among the employers.
  • The list of internships will be posted later.


Good Luck!


Dr. Intekhab Alam

Head, EEE, UIU

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