Publish Date : 5th August, 2020

Applications are invited for one position of Research Assistant. Details are as follows:

Title of Research Project: Integration of multi-modal data focused on time, frequency and space to create localized and high-level features for improved BCI
Grant info: UIU Research Grant, Duration: 1 year & 10 months, PI: MK Masukur Rahman
Job Type: Full time

Responsibilities: To perform research, simulate systems through coding, generate/implement ideas and report regularly to PI and write manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals.


Qualification: BSc in EEE, good knowledge in mathematics & signal analysis, good programming knowledge, MATLAB, good writing skill.
Commitment: Need to be committed for 2 years.
Salary range: 10,000-20,000Tk

Main Benefit: Those, who are seeking an academic career, will get huge benefits in publishing journal articles in the domain of signal processing, pattern recognition, and brain-computer-interface.  It will help them to establish a research profile and network, and make it much easier to catch a funded Ph.D. program worldwide.


Interested candidates are requested to submit a CV (via email, with subject ‘Application for RA, 2020’) showing their strengths relevant to the job.  After short-selection, candidates will be contacted over the phone to face an interview.

Submission deadline:  29th August 2020


Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
United International University,
Madani Avenue, Badda, Dhaka

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