Publish Date : 4th May, 2016

Registration Notice for Summer -2016

This is for the information of all the students of EEE and ETE that Registration of the Summer 2016 will be held on 24th May (Tuesday) and 26th May (Thursday), 2016 respectively.


Registration Process

  • During above two days, the registration will take place in a central room and a student can complete registration from any faculty in that room (no fixed advisor during these days only).
  • Students are assigned in time slots based on their completed credit hours as shown in the table below.
  • Even if a student cannot manage the payment, and intend to do late registration, he/she needs to complete the task of assigning section in these three days. After that there will be no help from department/advisor regarding section allocation. Most importantly student must attend the classes, and without evidence of at least 50% attendance late registration will not be allowed.
  • If a student fails to perform registration in these two days, he/she will need to show evidence of valid reason (such as medical document etc.). Those who fail to do registration physically by themselves can authorize someone to complete their registration in time.
  • Those who did not complete pre-advising/Advising are asked to contact respective advisor only on Saturday (28th May, 2016) from 10.00AM to 5.00PM to complete registration.


Registration schedule:


Date & Time


Students who have completed

75 credits or more

24th May (Tuesday),  2016  10:00AM-01:00PM: Room-206
Students who have completed

between ‘45-to-74 credits  

24th May (Tuesday),  2016  02:00PM-05:00PM: Room-206
Students who have completed between ‘20-to-44’ credits 26th May  (Thursday), 2016 10:00AM-01:00PM: Room-206
Students who have completed between ‘0-to-19’ credits 26th May  (Thursday), 2016  02:00PM-5:00PM : Room-206


Please note the followings:

  • Each student has to register at least 9 credit hours without thesis project to be eligible for scholarship/tuition fees waiver.
  • Probationary students will not be allowed to take more than 6 to 9 credits.
  • The theory with relevant lab course must be taken together as a bundle course.
  • Mandatory courses cannot be dropped
  • After completion of the registration process (with the final selection of courses from your advisor in registration window) no add/drop/section change will be allowed.
  • Exam Routine needs to be checked prior to registration to avoid conflict of exam.
  • Any “Fail” course in previous trimester will replace an existing mandatory course
  • Course section in 2nd campus has additional “N” before the section number & Course section in the new campus (above Medical Centre) has additional “S” before the section number. Verify this before registration so that back- to- back classes in the main campus, the new campus   and the 2nd campus can be avoided.
  • Those students who want to retake math 003/151 need to take Math 151, not Math 003.
  • Math 151 will now be considered equivalent to the bundle Math 003/151.





Prof. Dr. Raqibul Mostafa,

Head, Department of EEE






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