Faculty Profile

Rahman, GMA Ehsan ur

Asstistant ProfessorEmail : erahman@eee.uiu.ac.bd

  • Teaching experience of more than 6 year as full time faculty of EEE, UIU, 2 years as part time teacher of IUT and as invited teacher for the Advancement Course of the Bangladesh Navy at BUET.
  • More than 10 products commercialization for industrial application.
  • More than 50 projects development of Telecommunication, Embedded system, power electronics, medical instrumentation and other Electronics fields.
  • Ten years’ experience in Telecommunication, in multinational environment (Orascom Telecom Bangladesh, Citycell) in operation, planning and optimization.
  • Experience with Huawei, Ericsson, NSN, Alcatel, Fujitsu, Motorola, Tekelec and various Core and BSS elements.
  • Experience with GSM, WCDMA, CDMA and Hybrid network as a network Audit and Planning Consultant outside the country.
  • MSC in telecommunication from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • International and national acknowledgement in telecommunication system and solution design and development.

MSC in Communication and Electronics (CGPA: 3.33) : 2003-2008
– From Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)
– Thesis on Communication Signaling System (Design and Implementation of a Simplified Signalling System for Distributed Communication Networks)
BSC in Electronics & Electrical Engineering (CGPA: 3.38) : 1992-1999
– From Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)
– Thesis on Microprocessor based Industrial Automation

  • ECG, Puls-oximeter and BP data acquisition, processing (TI-DSP) and transmission over wireless data-network
  • Embedded algorithm for determination of PVC from BP data.
  • Ad-hoc dedicated wireless network for navigation.

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Embedded System applications and algorithm development
  • Power Electronics
  • Cost effective solution for Rural Telecommunication.

  • G.M.A. Ehsan ur Rahman, M.A Mukit, Raqibul Mostafa, K. I. U. Ahmed and Murtaza Ali, “ Development and Demonstration of a Prototype e-ECG System for Telemedicine Application.” 8th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications-2014.
  • GMA Ehsan ur Rahman , Ahmed, K.I. ;Khan, F. Raqibul Mostafa – “A novel smart metering system for loss reduction and efficient load management in the power distribution sector of Bangladesh.” (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=6750334&abstractAccess=no&userType=inst)
  • Raqibul Mostafa, GMA Ehsan ur Rahman -“ Proposed Deployments to Provide E-Health Care in Bangladesh: Urban and Rural Perspectives”, 2010 12th IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking Applications and Services (Healthcom), IEEE Biomedical Society, France. (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=5556542).
  • G.M. Rahman, M.S. Rahman-“PLMN Voice Traffic Model Governed by User Behavior”, Journal of the IEB, Electrical Engineering Division, Bangladesh. Vol.EE36, No.I, June 2009.
  • M.S.Munir, K.Ahmed, A.S.M.Shihavuddin, M.Y.Razib and G.M.A. E. Rahman- “An Improved Fast Bangla Character Recognition Method of Printed Text by Constructing Character Signature Database”, IJCSES International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Systems, Vol.4, No.1, 2010.

Core Network Development & Optimization Head, Orascom Telecom Bangladesh (Banglalink):Feb’08 +
– Quality & Development: Network Development, quality and performance monitoring of Core Network.
– Network optimization: Core-network-dimensioning and traffic planning, routing and overall optimization with agreed KPI.
– Core network Planning: Core Network Budget, long term Business Plan, technical evaluation and strategic planning.

NSS Quality & Development Assistant Manager, Orascom Telecom Bangladesh (Banglalink): Feb’05 Jan’08
– Core-Network Planning, designing, development, Quality & optimization, Network capacity implementation
– Strategic planning, Business Planning and Budgeting.
Sr. Executive (Engineering), Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. (City Cell): May `02- Jan ‘05
– Operation, Optimization, Planning and Implementation of the Fujitsu MSC & BSC covering the Sylhet-Rajshahi-Khulna Zone.
Executive (Engineering), Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.(City Cell):December`99 – April`02
– Operation and Implementation of CDMA Network.
Part Time Design Engineer, Feline Utilities (System & Software): March ‘97–December‘99

– Introduction to Project Management-PMI, by Global Knowledge, Malaysia.
– ITU Training on Latest Technologies and Services: Policy, Regulatory, Operational Implication, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
– IP-MPLS Workshop, Cairo, Egypt.
– GSM Evolution Towards GPRS & EDGE, Telefocal, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
– ALCATEL S12 MSC Hardware & Software Architecture, Traffic & Signaling Dimensioning & Measurement, Alcatel-Shanghai-Bell University, Shanghai, China.
– Effective Supervisory Management, TACK, at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
– Advanced Management Skill, Dhaka, Bangladesh
– Technical Report writing
– Finance for non-finance people
– Presentation Skills
– Leadership Skill
Development Work:
Embedded System:
– Universal MCU based system development board – 2009
– MCU (i51, AVR) System Development Board – 2007-9
– PC based device programmer – 1995, 2009
– i51 based controller for industrial application -2001
– MCU Based Taxi Fare Meter- 2002
– MCU Based Frequency Meter- 2002
– 8085 based Single Board Computer (BSC Project) – 1997
Automation and Robotics:
– Wireless surveillance robot with real-time 3D mapping-2014
– Remote site monitoring and controlling system – 2014
– Tri-copter- a flying surveillance robot -2014
– Process Automation Controller (PAC) module – 2013
– MCU based CNC drilling machine – 2012
– Industrial environment monitoring and controlling module – 2011
– Centralized Data Acquisition and Billing system for Digital fuel dispenser -2004
– IR Remote controlled for Home-appliances – 2002
– Voice synthesizer using Hardware Compression Technique – 1997
– Wireless navigation system for river transport – 2009
– TC/IP based Telecommunication system – 2008
– SS7 protocol analyzer – 2007
– TDM (E1/T1/J1) interface Card – 2007
– Telecommunication Network Dimensioning Tool – 2007
– MCU Communication with GPS – 2008
– Telecommunication Traffic report generation and analysis Tool – 2006
– Distributed PBX system-2005
– ECG and Pulse-Oximeter signal processing using DSP – 2010
– MCU Based Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring System – 2008

– MCU based DC motor driver – 2013
– MCU based PFI-controller – 2013
– SMART energy meter system – 2011
– Intelligent Charge Controller for Industrial Battery in Solar Application – 2010
– Intelligent Solar System Monitoring Device for better performance and control – 2010
– MPU Based SPWM Inverter – 2008 +
– MPU Based IDMT relay for power transmission system – 1998
– MPU Based voltage stabilizer – 2002
– SPWM Simulation and Design Tool
– Power Factor Meter – 1996
– Automatic VAR controller – 1997