Faculty Profile

Alam, Intekhab, Ph.D.

Professor & Head of the Dept. Email : intekhab@eee.uiu.ac.bd

Research Interest:

Optical waveguide, Passive optical device, Plasmonics, THz, Photonic Bandgap, Renewable Energy.


List of Publications:

          Name of Journal/ Conf. Title
1. Energies, Journal from MDPIVol. 16, 2060.DOI:10.3390/en16042060 Inverter-Less Integration of Roof-Top Solar PV with Grid Connected Industrial Drives
2. Energies, Journal from MDPIVol. 13, 5507. DOI:10.3390/en13205507 : A Solar PV-Based Inverter-Less Grid-Integrated Cooking Solution for Low-Cost Clean Cooking.
3. Int. Con. on Developments in Renewable Energy Technology 2018 (ICDRET’18) : Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Mini Cold Storage for off-grid Areas of Bangladesh.
4. Int. Con. on Advances in Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering (ICAEES), IEEE 2016 : Solar Powered Ferry Boat for the Rural Area of Bangladesh
5. In Con. Proc. of NUSOD 2015, MP29, Taiwan, September 7-11, 2015. : Design and Simulation of Silicon Micro-ring for Optical Mode Converter
6. In Con. Proc. of CLEO-PR 2015, 27P62, Busan, South Korea, August 24-28, 2015. : Optical Mode Converter Using Ring Resonator Structure
7. Non Conventional Energy (ICONCE), 2014 1st International Conference on : Development of a low cost vertical axis wind turbine to study the prospect of wind power in Dhaka, Bangladesh
8. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 49, No. 12, pp 122503-122503-9 (2010) : Slot Waveguide by Using Double High-Mesa Structure for Optical Absorption Sensing.
9. IEICE Technical report, OPE 2009-133 : Design Theory of double high-mesa wire waveguide for infrared optical absorption spectroscopy.
10. Joint Conference of IEEE Kyushu Section, Japan, 2009 : Design Theory of double high-mesa wire waveguide for infrared optical absorption spectroscopy.
11. Micro optics Conference 2009, F3, Technical Digest : Low loss high-mesa Si/SiO2 wire waveguides fabricated using neutral loop discharge (NLD) plasma etching for infrared absorption spectroscopy.
12. IEICE Technical report, OPE 2008-108 : Demonstration of Infrared absorption spectroscopy by using SOI-based Si/SiO2 high-mesa waveguides.
13. Joint Conference of IEEE Kyushu Section, Japan, 2008 : First Demonstration of Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy by using SOI-based Si/SiO2 high-mesa waveguides.
14. Journal of Optics Communications, February, 2005, 84-94 : Classification and properties of radiation and guided modes in Bragg fiber.
15. OECC/ COIN, July 2004 : Mirror fiber- Improvement in Optical Confinement.
16. Technical report of IEICE, July 2004 : Classification of guided and radiation modes in mirror fibers.
17. UPEC, 2001 : Computerized Constant Current Regulator for airport runway lighting system.

PhD: Kyushu University, Japan.

Research Topic: High mesa optical waveguide for optical absorption sensing.

17 years of teaching and research experience.

Power Electronics, Power plant Engineering, Renewable Energy