Faculty Profile

Mostafa, Raqibul, Ph.D.

Professor & Dean SoSEEmail : rmostafa@eee.uiu.ac.bd

Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering (2003),

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Dissertation: “Feasibility of Smart Antennas for Small Wireless Terminals”

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed


M.S. Electrical Engineering (1995),   Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Thesis: “Wideband Electromagnetic Characterization of Portland Cement Concrete”

Thesis Adviser: Dr. Sedki M. Riad


B.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (1991)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Majors: Microwave & Microprocessor and Artificial Intelligence.

United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professor, EEE Dept [Nov 2014-Current]

Associate Professor, EEE Department [June 2009- October 2014]

Head, EEE Department [May 2012-June 2017]


Director, Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL)

Participating in activities of Board of Directors [2010-2014]


Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, USA

Senior Engineer [October 2004- May 2009]: Involved in Standardization Efforts, Performance Specifications regarding UMTS and cdma2000 wireless standards.


Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG), Virginia Tech, USA

Post-Doctoral Research Associate [September 2003-Octoer 2004]:

Smart antenna algorithms for 3G Handset and WLAN applications; MPRG Lab, Virginia Tech. Research interests include: Wireless communications with focus on smart antenna applications, Signal processing and DSP prototyping of communications systems, Software radio, WLAN, Ultra-wideband measurements and wireless communications standards.


Lecturer: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept., BUET [Jan ’92 – Aug. ’93].

Taught Measurement and Instrumentation, Electric Circuits. Instructed Electric Circuit Lab, Electronic lab, Machine Lab, Transmission and Distribution system lab

Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG), Virginia Tech, USA
  1. Post-Doctoral Research Associate [September 2003-Octoer 2004]: Smart antenna algorithms for 3G Handset and WLAN applications; MPRG Lab, Virginia Tech. Research interests include: Wireless communications with focus on smart antenna applications, Signal processing and DSP prototyping of communications systems, Software radio, WLAN, Ultra-wideband measurements and wireless communications standards.


  1. Graduate Research Associate, EE Dept. at Virginia Tech: [1997-2002]:
  • Participated in different wireless communications projects sponsored by ITT, NSF, Texas Instrument (TI), LGIC, Samsung and Navy.
  • Algorithm development for smart antenna for wireless communication applications: Developed several smart antenna algorithms both at the transmitter and the receiver with focus on handset or WLAN devices. Algorithms have been developed for flat fading and frequency selective fading channels. Some of these algorithms have been studied for implementation in the 3G standard and WLAN applications.
  • Antenna array hardware development:

Design of Virginia Tech Space Time Adaptive Receiver and Transmitter (VT-START)[2001-present]: Currently working on the initial design of a wideband Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) testbed that will include 4 or more antennas on both ends of the link. This testbed is expected to characterize different propagation environments and assess performance improvement through antenna array processing for high data rate applications.

Design of Virginia Tech Space Time Advanced Radio (VT-STAR)[2000-present]: Worked as a team member in the design and development of 2-element by 2-element real-time Space-Time modem for MIMO channel measurements and verification of different transmit and receive diversity algorithms in various propagating environments. Developed custom interface boards for DSP interface and worked on TI TMS320C67 platform for algorithm implementation.

Wideband transmit diversity testbed development [2000]: Developed and demonstrated wideband transmit diversity at the handset for a two-element transmit antenna array system. This involved operating two wideband modems in synchronization to represent the transmit-array and a vector channel wideband receiver. Led a member of three to develop and demonstrate the testbed.

Handheld smart antenna testbed design [1998]: Implemented interference rejection capability at the handset for a spread spectrum signal by employing smart antenna. The research encompassed both simulation study and implementation at hardware level. The hardware implementation extensively relied on fixed point DSP programming on TI TMS320C541 and different levels of custom interface design.

  • Project management

Samsung [2003-2004]: Lead the algorithm development for 2D Rake structures at the handset for WCDMA applications.

NAVCIITI [2001-2002]: Participated and managed a team of graduate students involved in algorithm development, hardware verification and propagation measurement.

ITT [1997-1998]: Demonstrated interference rejection capability with smart antenna at the handset on a DSP platform.

  • Propagation measurements: Conducted various vector channel measurements at the handset, at both narrowband and wideband. Studies include measuring fading profiles, cross-correlation between antenna elements, and assessing diversity performance in different indoor and some outdoor-to-indoor environments.
  • Work with Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

TMS320C6701: Implemented Space-Time processing

TMS320C541:   Implemented and demonstrated handheld smart antenna

TMS320C30:     Implemented various communications algorithms.

  • Work with 3rd Generation System: Antenna array in W-CDMA with focus on algorithms and implementations.
  • Work with WLAN System (802.11b): MIMO algorithm development for WLAN applications.
  • Proposal Writing: Participated in Proposal writing for smart antenna projects and space-time processing applications.

Time Domain Laboratory, Virginia Tech [1993-1995]

  • Wideband measurement and characterization: Wideband electromagnetic material characterization by time-domain techniques. This involved signal processing of wideband pulses and working with state-of the-art instruments like HP Network Analyzer 8510 B, Tektronix Digital Sampling Oscilloscope 11801.

Journals and Magazine:

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Technical Reports:

  • Raqibul Mostafa, Ran Gozali, William G. Newhall, Ihsan Akbar, Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed, Dr. Brian D. Woerner and Dr. William H. Tranter “Navy Collaborative Integrated Information Technology Initiative,”, MPRG-TR-01-11, Quarterly Technical Reports, 2001-2004.
  • Ran Gozali, Raqibul Mostafa, P. Max Robert, Ramesh C. Palat, William G. Newhall, Dr. Brian D. Woerner and Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed, “Design Process of the VT-STAR Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Test Bed”, MPRG-TR-01-12, Technical Report, August 2001.

Invited Keynote Speaker

  • Raqibul Mostafa and Rezwan Khan, “Telecommunications in South Asia: Status and Future Potential”, National Seminar on Power and Communication Sector Development- 2010 Kathmandu University, Nepal.



  • Raqibul Mostafa, “Telecommunications”, in Short Course on Wireless and Mobile Communication for Sustainable Rural Developments hosted by Islamic University of Technology (IUT), 18-21 November, 2013.
  • Robert J. Boyle, Ran Gozali, Raqibul Mostafa, and Fakhrul Alam, “Space-time Processing Approaches for 3G Wireless Systems,” 11th Annual MPRG/Virginia Tech Symposium on Wireless Personal Communications, June 2001.
  • Raqibul Mostafa, R. Banerjee, Y. Wu and A. A. Khan, Departmental Seminar on 3G Standards, Spring 1999.

Senior Member, IEEE.

Former Vice Chair, IEEE COMSOC BD chapter

Wireless Communications, Antenna array processing, Biomedical signal processing.

Further interests include  engineering and general education