Embedded System Research Group

A multi-disciplinary research group of SoSE, UIU

This group will focus on research and development of various embedded-systems both for academic achievement and industrial application. As most of the embedded system applications consist of Electronic-Hardware, Software and Mechanical structure, any members of EEE and CSE can work and contribute for this research group.


Any faculty members from the EEE and CSE department.

Any BSc/MSc Engineer of EEE and CSE.

Any Students (BSc/MSc) of EEE and CSE department.

Technical persons for technical support

Present Group members:

1.Md. Salahuddin AhmedFaculty member, EEECoordinator
2.Dr. M Rezwan KhanExecutive Director, IARAdvisor
3.Dr. SM Lutful KabirFaculty, EEEAdvisor
4.Dr. Raqibul MostafaFaculty, EEEMember
5.Dr. Khawza IU AhmedFaculty, EEEMember
6.Dr. Iqbal Bahar ChowdhuryFaculty, EEEMember
7.Md. Mamun ElahiFaculty, CSEMember
8.GMA Ehsan ur RahmanFaculty, EEEMember (On Leave)
9.Jameel, Abu Shafin Md MahdeeFaculty, CSEMember (On Leave)
10.Mahmud, S.M. FarabiFaculty, CSEMember (On Leave)
11.Anumodorshi BaruaFaculty, EEEMember (On Leave)

Research field:

This research group may work on any embedded system of the following but not limited to research field(s)-

  1. MPU/MCU/FPGA/DSP based hardware design
  2. Computer architecture
  3. Software and algorithm development
  4. Internet of Things (IOT)
  5. Embedded Medical Instrument and data processing
  6. Embedded Communication equipment
  7. Embedded power electronics
  8. Industrial Automation
  9. Automotive Embedded system

Scope of work:

  1. R&D of embedded system
  2. Skill development training on embedded system
  3. Professional training on Industrial automation 

Supporting Labs:

For research work this group will have the following Lab facilities at our new campus.

  1. Embedded System Lab (MPU, MCU, DSP, FPGA)
  2. Automation Lab (PLC, DCS, CNC etc.)
  3. IOT Lab (LAN, CAN-Bus, File/Web server etc.)

Student member registration:

Any engineering student of UIU can register. For registration pls., contact with the coordinator.


GMA Ehsan ur Rahman
Assistant Professor,
Department of EEE, UIU
Room #: 506/3
Mobile: +880-15-34599979
Email: erahman@eee.uiu.ac.bd

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