Research Areas

Major Research Areas


Signal Processing Communication
Energy & Power Solid State
Electromagnetic BioMedical



Contributions in Different Areas

1. Signal processing


Members Topics # of Publications
M. Rezwan Khan System identification, Speech processing 11
Raqibul Mostafa Signal Processing in Communication 3
Khawza I. Ahmed Signal processing in education 4
M. K. M. Rahman Neural Networks & Their Applications 13
B. K. M.Mizanur Rahman Speech processing 6


2. Communication


Members Topics # of Publications
M. Rezwan Khan Antenna and propagation 1
Raqibul Mostafa Communication 16
Khawza I. Ahmed Communication 15
Intekhab Alam Optical Waveguide 9
B. K. M.Mizanur Rahman Communication 2


3. Energy & Power


Members Topics # of Publications
M. Rezwan Khan Renewable Energy, Electrical machine design, Power Electronics 7
M. Fayyaz Khan Power System, Solar PV, Bio Gas 28
Raqibul Mostafa Artificial Intelligence in Power System, Renewable energy 3
Md. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury Renewable Energy & Power System 24


4. Solid State


Members Topics # of Publications
M. Rezwan Khan MOSFET 3
Raqibul Mostafa Quantum Mechanics 1
Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury Solar Cells: Si, Thin Film, Third Generation; Bipolar Junction Transistors:  Si, SiGe; MOSFETs: Single Gate, Gate All Around 33


5. Electromagnetic


Members Topics # of Publications
Raqibul Mostafa Wideband Microwave Measurements 6


6. Biomedical


Members Topics # of Publications
Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury Economic Model and Renewable Technology, Engineering Education 6
M. Faisal Amir RF Circuits 1



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