Strength of EEE, UIU


1.  An emerging brand for quality education: We aim to provide quality education & on hand practical training to equip the graduates of EEE to face technological challenges of the 21st century, and to develop students in learning ethics, professional conduct, critical thinking and working in a group.

2.  Strong support of Faculty Members: Currently, the Department has 9 PhDs, 3 MScs and 5 BScs, and designation-wise there are 3 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors and 5 Lecturers. Students can enjoy lot of counseling hours besides classes. (See faculty profiles)

3.  Scholarships: UIU has provided scholarships of 10 crore taka alone in the last year which is unparallel considering other private universities in Bangladesh and their student intake. Students can avail up to 100% tuition fee waiver depending on their merit. (Know more about scholarships at UIU)

4.  Opportunity to avail studies in European countries with scholarships (See the international collaboration).

5.  Strong Support from Career Counselling Center: UIU will not just leave you after your graduation; rather, UIU will try best to help you with your career building through Internship Placement, Job Placement and Job search, and relevant workshops and seminars (More about CCC).

6.  Resources: UIU got all the necessary facilities to encourage your learning: including magnificent building/classrooms, library, access to modern laboratories, ELMS (an electronic communicating system for interactive learning), WIZIQ (online/offline remote learning), access to electronic resources etc.

7.   MoUS: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with a number of overseas universities (please see the list below) to provide multifarious facilities to UIU students such as transfer of credits as well as different areas of cooperation. UIU has signed a number of MOUs with different organizations to establish strong industry academia relationship.

8.  Career in EEE areas: EEE of UIU has quite a number of achievements in different sectors. Specially, in the sector of Power and Renewable Energy, UIU is leading team that had arranged conferences/seminars/Fairs and continues a large number collaboration in research and consultancy.

 Principal strengths of EEE department, UIU

Excellent overall management which emphasizes not only on teaching and research activities, but also on the extracurricular activities and to upgrade ethical and moral values of the students, outstanding faculties, well equipped labs, a rich library with spacious study room of excellent environment and lastly, but not the least, the healthy relationship between the faculty and the students are the major areas of strength for which EEE department of UIU stands clearly ahead of others. 14 full-time faculties as well as senior professors from renowned universities of the country are working as part-time faculties to take care of the courses with unparalleled quality. The faculties and the students have an easy access to electronic journals including IEEE and IET. Also, UIU library has sub-scripted to access the e-books related to different fields including science and engineering.

Keeping in mind the present scenario of the ‘Energy Crisis’ of the country, the Department has already established a center named  “Center for Energy Research (CER)” with full time Director to carry out research work in the field of energy specially on renewable energy.

UIU has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the following universities.

  • University of Ulster, Northern Ireland – UK
  • University of New Brunswick – Canada
  • University of Texas at Brownsville & Texas Southmost College – USA
  • Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York – USA
  • University of Bradford, UK
  • University of Lumiere Lyon 2, France
  • Wakkanai  Hokusei Gakuen University (Japan)

MoU has been signed with Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd, SOLARLAND, Banglalink (Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited), BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services),  Energypac Electronics Ltd. with a view to making collaboration in the areas of joint product development, problem solving, using each other’s instruments, conducting training programs and short courses, projects involving students & faculties, students’ internship etc.

Major developments and progress achieved in last few years

For the last five years since its inception in January 2004, EEE Department of UIU has already shown its remarkable progress towards becoming one of the best engineering Departments in the country to pursue undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Sc. in EEE). Besides, Department of EEE also offers post graduate program in Communication Engineering (M.Sc. in CE). At present, there is around 2000 graduates from the Department. There are 13 labs and are equipped with latest equipment and instruments to encourage the students to take hardware and software based practical projects. A VLSI Lab with Cadence software has world class facility of learning with excellent faculty members.

Highly qualified faculties graduated with extra-ordinary results from home universities such as BUET, and as well as from the renowned universities abroad are one of the notable strengths of EEE Department. The year wise growth in the number of EEE graduates is shown Figure, which clearly depicts the recognition of the department among the students of the country.

Future development of teaching and research program

Keeping in mind the present scenario of the ‘Energy Crisis’ of the country, the Department has already established a center named  “Center for Energy Research (CER)” with full time Director to carry out research work in the field of energy specially on renewable energy. Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL) has provided its recognition to UIU authorizing the EEE Department to test different Photovoltaic(PV) home system devices in its resourceful labs.  With the authorization of IDCOL, EEE Department in collaboration with CER has already started testing different renewable energy components produced by local manufacturers of the country.

A joint collaborative research on rural health care by telemedicine and wireless health is in progress with EEE department of UIU and Texas Instrument (TI), USA. TI has already provided the necessary hardware and software free of charge to UIU to carry out the research work.

The department has an academic excellence committee which sits at least twice a trimester to formulate methods of improving teaching skills of faculties, especially, the junior faculties. Seminar/workshops are regularly held to improve the teaching quality. The seminar/workshops are conducted by senior faculties of EEE department and that of BUET. The academic excellence committee sits with different groups of students to get feedback on academic and other facilities of the department. The department takes necessary measures to address the shortcomings as pointed out by the students. Also, at the end of each trimester, every course teacher is evaluated by the students through a standard evaluation form. In case of poor performance, the Head of the department sits with the concerned faculties so that he/she can improve his/her teaching performance.

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