Success Stories

Success stories from EEE students

Faiazul Haque, completed his BSc in EEE form UIU in 2011 with the scholastic honour “Summa Cum Laude”. He is working in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.
Ilham Osman, one of the brilliant student of EEE, UIU, completed her PhD from University of New South Wales.
Abdul Mukit, one of the brilliant student of EEE, UIU, completed his PhD from University of Oklahoma, USA.
Omiya Hassan, pursuing her PhD on designing an energy-efficient, low-power AI/Machine-learning based hardware system for biomedical applications. She is working at University of Missouri, USA.
Nur-E- Mohammad Rifat, Pursuing his PhD at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is working on Quantum Computing and Theoritical Physics
Avijit Saha, Gold medalist of UIU
Md. Jalal Uddin, currently working as Senior Executive Engineer, Power Plant Operation & Maintenance, United Engineering and Power Services Limited (UEPSL), United Group.
BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd Mamunul Hasan, working in BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. as a Process & Planning Engineer in Body Shop. As a former student of UIU, I always have my best wishes for you all.
MJA Shawon , National Oil Company (ADNOC) Abu Dhabi MJA Shawon, completed BSc (EEE) form UIU and MSc in Electrical Engineering (EE) in Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Presently working at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)-TAKREER as an Electrical Engineer.
uiu-eee-department-success-stories Nasiba Anni, completed her BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from United International University. Currently  residing in Australia and  working as a Customer Service Representative at Cleanaway. Cleanaway is a part of Transpacific Industries and Australia’s leading company in the Environment Management Industry.
It gives us great pleasure to let you all know that our dear student of EEE Dept. has achieved great milestones of completing his PhD and joining a prestigious company to work on the space exploration related project. Dr. Manzar Mahmud was admitted in the Electrical and Electronics department of UIU for the BSc program at the end of 2008. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he started his MSc program at BUET but left it after the first semester and moved to Malaysia for his MSc at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). After his MSc Dr. Mahmud moved to Canada and got admitted in Lakehead University for his PhD. His PhD topic was “A Smart Sensor-based Online Condition Monitoring System for Induction Machine Fault Diagnosis.” He completed his PhD in 2022 and joined the Space and Robotics team of MDA Space. He is involved in building Canada’s flagship project on the International Space Station in deep space, “Canadram-3” and working with NASA’s deep space exploration plan named as GATEWAY.
Let us congratulate Dr Manzar Mahmud for his outstanding achievements and pray for his continued success. The graduates of EEE Dept. of UIU are making remarkable progress in both academia and industry and Dr. Mahmud is the latest addition to this rich tradition.


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