Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Research Projects

Funded projectsFunded byAmount
 1Feasibility study for Solar PV- diesel
Hybrid DC micro-grid for Nuner Tek
and Shonatala Char area
 GIZ 4,500 2011-12
 2Design and implementation of solar
PV-Diesel hybrid Micro-grid for rural
Bangladesh in 5 different off-grid area
of Bangladesh (still in progress)
 IDCOL 1,800,000 2012
 3Solar Nano-grids: An Appropriate Solution
For Meeting Community Energy Needs?
(Loughborough Univ.,UK, as the
lead partner)
 EPSRC+DFID 720,000 2013-16
 4Next Generation of low-costenergy-efficient products for the bottom
of the pyramid (Open Univ., UK, as the
lead Partner)
 EPSRC+DFID 1,660,000 2014-2017

Important Consultancy Works:

1.     Estimation of the harmonics injected to the power system by a steel mill
2.     Consulting service for the updating and modification of the National Load Dispatch Centre Project, Bangladesh
3.     Computer controlled automation for different industries in Bangladesh
4.     Earthing design for telecom stations around Bangladesh
5.     Consulting services to Unique Power Plant, Meghna Group of Industries, Bangladesh

Consultancy Activities

YearNo. of research projectsTotal amount involved
20151Tk 21,42,548
20142Tk 20,16,000

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