Undergraduate Projects

List of Recent Undergraduate Projects


YY=year, T=trimester O=ongoing, C=complete
Project Title Faculty Start (YYT) Current Status
Data Mining & Visualization by Self-Organizing Map MKMR 132 C
Detection of Valvular Heart disease using PCG MKMR 132 C
Face Categorization AbAH 143 O
Quantum Dot Gate Based Ternary ALU Design Using Cadence IBC 141 O
Optical Gated CNT Based Full Adder Design Using Cadence IBC 141 O
InAs-Channel/Al2O3-Gated GAA FET based OPAMP Design Using Cadence IBC 142 O
BiSFET Based OPAMP Design Using Cadence IBC 142 O
Graphene FET Based OPAMP Design using Cadence IBC 142 O
Graphene Nanoribbon FET Based OPAMP Design using Cadence IBC 143 O
Solar Charge Controller Design Using Cadence IBC 151 Just Started
LTE Simulator development and channel estimation RM 141 O
Femtocell network routing and throughput estimation RM 141 O
Space Time Processing for LTE networks RM 151 Just Started
Network schedulers for 4G system RM 151 Just Started
Performance and cost estimation of a wind farm using RETscreen BKM 133 O
Design of a dual band Micrstrip Patch Antenna for wireless communication using Ansoft BKM 133 O
Simulation and Performance Analysis of LTE 4G network BKM 141 O
Design of a Micrstrip Patch Antenna for GNSS BKM 141 O
Basic Standard Cell Design using Cadence Virtuoso for ASIC SAmd 143 O
Design and Implementation of smart energy meter HB 142 C
Design and Implementation of smart automated voting Machine HB 143 O
Economic Load Despatch in Grid-connected and Distributed Environment HB 142 u
Simulation of Substation integrated monitoring system using LABVIEW HB 142 u
Design and Implementation of digital frequency relay HB 143 O
A Fuzzy-Logic based Speed control approach for Induction Motor HB 143 o
Design and Implementation of Solar Powered Boat SMLK 143 O
Smart Metering System SMLK 143 O
Wireless Power Transfer, Small Power SMLK 143 O
Wireless Power Transfer, Large Power SMLK 151 O
Detection of Electricity Theft SMLK 143 O
Application of Solar thermal power for rural people SMLK 151 O
Design and developemnt of DC energy meter for solar power SMLK 151 O
Simulation of Multi Channel Top Gated CNTFET Using COMSOL MRKA 151 Just Started
Application of FACTs in the transmission network of Bangladesh FYK 142 0
Prospect of solar PV based Power generation in the marshy lands of bangladesh FYK 151 0
Implementation of smart grid and FACTs in the mini grid solar PV system FYK 151 0
Study and implementation of different techniques for improvement of solar PV system efficiency FYK 151 0
D-q axis field control of an Alternator for better regulation FYK 151 0
High Frequency Square Wave Generator for Switching Circuit Shahed/ IA C
Pico Solar Grid MWK 143 O
Breast Cancer Detection from Mammogram HAK 141 O
WCE image segmentation HAK 141 O
Flying Surveillance Robot (dron), Part-2 GER 143 O
Land Surveillance Robot (3D mapping of unknown inner area) Part-2 GER 143 O
Health Mangagment System for Diabetic Patient KIUA 142 O
Classificaiton of ERP for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) KIUA 141 O
Mobile phone for screening heart diseases in diabetic patients KIUA 153 O
Bi directional dc-dc converter for solar nano grid system SAC 142 O
Development and feasibility study of solar auto rickshaw project in Bangladesh SAC 142 O
Automatic solar irrigation system with remote monitoring SAC 143 O
48V to 220V , 2kW dc-dc converter for solar nano grid and irrigation SAC 151 O
3-D path instructor for a blind person using Artificial intellengence SAC 151 O
Design of a low voltage distribution system for small scale power plant. SAC 151 O
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