Undergraduate Projects

List of Recent Undergraduate Projects

  YY=year, T=trimesterO=ongoing, C=complete
Project TitleFacultyStart (YYT)Current Status
Design and Implementation of a Wearable RFID-based EEG SystemIBC211On going
Design and implementaion of a wearable ECG watchIBC211On going
Design & Implementation of a Smart Waste Management System using IOTMME211On going
IoT Based Vehicle Speed Monitoring & Road Security SystemSdM211On going
IOT based smart air pollution monitoring systemMME211On going
An efficient feature extraction method for iris recognition systemMKMR211On going
Design a Analog-Front-End for Blood Glucose Monitoring SystemIBC211On going
Solar PV Based Electric CookingIA203On going
Development of an Internet of Things Based Low-Cost Smart Metering and Billing System for Off-Grid Transportable Power Supply SystemKIUA203On going
IoT Based Automatically Water Quality Monitored Bio-floc SystemKIUA203On going
Optimization of energy usage for electrical appliances using IoTME203On going
Wearable solar power systemSdM203On going
Smart Three Wheeler Electric Vehicles – Concerns towards a Sustainable TechnologyIA202On going
Design of a High Efficiency Tandem Organic Solar CellIBC202Completed
Design of an ISFET using Silvaco Athena ToolIBC202Completed
Smart Door Unlock SystemHB201Completed
Design of graphene ISFET based Wearable Sweat Sensor for Point Of Care diagnosis.IBC201Completed
Investigation of DNA Sequencing of a FET-biosensor Implemented in CadenceIBC201Completed
Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication for Prevention of Road AccidentKIUA201Completed
Low-Power High-Voltage Charge Pumps for Implantable Microstimulators.MdHn201Completed
Digitization of FarmingMKMR201Completed
A Comparative analysis between energy storage system and peaking power plant in the context of BangladeshMRK201Completed
Versatile Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Design Solution for Feasible Communication Connectivity and Commercial Delivery SystemRM201Completed
IoT Based Non-invasive GlucometerIBC193Completed
GSM & Solar Based Automatic Irrigation SystemKIUA193Completed
Wireless Optical Data Transmission for Implantable Biomedical DeviceMdHn193Completed
Autonomous Inspection Robot for Power Transmission LinesMdRu193Completed
Solar PV Driven Mechnized Rice Husking and Transportation SystemMRK / AvSa193Completed
Text to Braile ConverterRM193Completed
Design and Implementation of a Position Synchronous Robotic ArmHB192Completed
Fire Fighter DroneIBC192Completed
Design of High Efficiency Solar CellIBC192Completed
Sign Language TranslatorKIUA192Completed
Voice Controlled Intelligent Wheel chairMdHn192Completed
Design of Analog Front End Circuit for Bio-signal DetectionMdHn192Completed
Design of a Bi-Directional Wireless Data Transceiver System for Implantable Biomedical DeviceMdHn192Completed
Bi-directional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage SystemMdRu192Completed
IOT Based Smart Medicine BoxME192Completed
GSM Based Smart Meter for Priority Load SheddingMRK192Completed
Study of Trapezoidal Voltage Generating Synchronous Machines for Future DC PowerMRK192Completed
Power Theft Detection and Energy Monitoring by Authority using Wireless CommunicationHB191Completed
Design and Simulation of Automatioc Power Factor CorrectionHB191Completed
Coordination Between Visualization and Execution of MovementsKIUA191Completed
Coordination between Visualization and Execution of MovementsKIUA191Completed
Automatic Medicine Guide and Personal Health CareMdAbH191Completed
IOT based Rescue Robot CarMdAbH191Completed
Wifi Control Rescue Robot using ArduinoMdAbH191Completed
Stimulating Piezoelectric Sensor via Footstep for Power GenerationMdZA191Completed
Voice Recognized Household SystemMKMR191Completed
Energy HarvestingMRK191Completed
Smart Vehicle and Traffic ControllerRM191Completed
Wireless Notice Board using GSMHB183Completed
Solar Power based RefrigeratorIBC183Completed
GSM based Home Protection SystemIBC183Completed
Advanced Energy MeterIBC183Completed
Design of a Moderin Electric Stove with Improved PerformanceMahmud Ibrahim183Completed
Designing a 6 bit SAR (Successive Approximation Register) ADC using CMOS 90 nm TechnologyMdHn183Completed
Cell Phone Charger using WitricityMdHn183Completed
Grid Stability with Distributed Energy Storage SystemMdRu183Completed
Google Assistant Control Home Automation System with GSM Based Smart Door UnlockMdZa183Completed
Flight Simulation Training DeviceMKMR183Completed
Flight Simulation Training DeviceMKMR183Completed
Maximum Power HarvestingMKMR183Completed
IOT Based Home Automation SystemNadeem183Completed
Smart Street Lighting System based on Solar Power and GridNadeem183Completed
Wireless System Design and Deployment Strategy for Environments with Poor Coverage CharacteristicsRM183Completed
Control of Li-ion Battery Charger with a buck converterMdRu173Completed
Controlof Grid Connected InvererMdRu173Completed
Design of Maximum Power Point Tracking AlgorithmMdRu173Completed
Implementation of Digital Energy MeterMdRu173Completed
Design and Implementation of a RISC Processor in both Verilog and Custom LayoutSAmd173Completed
High Speed Low Latency Floating Point FFT DesignSAmd173Completed
Schematic / Layout design and Automation of DDR SDRAM for ASICSAmd173Completed
Study of Design For Testability: Automatic Test Pattern GenerationSAmd173Completed
Optimization techniques in Distributed Generation (DG) allocation in primary distribution networks for voltage profile improvement and loss reduction.HB172Completed
Energy auditing of an Industry and use of Solar PV systemIA172Completed
Smart Energy meter for Solar Nano GridIA172Completed
A Comparative Study of Different PV Simulation Software through Analysis of a SHSAvSa171Completed
Reliability Analysis of a Solar MinigridHB171Completed
Design of Inverted Pendulum as a demo of control systemMKMR171Completed
Design and Cost Analysis of a Grid Connected Solar PV PlantAvSa163Completed
Design of  a  Phase  Locked  Loop  (PLL)MSAH163Completed
Communication system design for airborne vehiclesRM163Completed
Study of Handoff for outdoor-indoor transition for Residential Femtocell deploymentRM163Completed
E/M Health SystemKIUA161Completed
Design of Broadband Network for remote areas in BangladeshRM161Completed
TCAD Implementation and Verilog A Modeling of CNT Based FinFETIBC153Completed
TCAD Implementation and Verilog A Modeling of Ion Sensitive FinFETIBC153Completed
TCAD Implementation and Verilog A Modeling of Negative Capacitance FETIBC153Completed
Water purification using solar heatingKAAr153Completed
Detection of Caridac Autonmic NeuropathyKIUA153Completed
Mobile phone for screening heart diseases in diabetic patientsKIUA153Completed
Performance analysis of Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) using OPNETME153Completed
Design of a Sample and Hold Amplifier in 180nm CMOS process using CadenceMNC153Completed
Power Flow Analysis for an AC microgridNIN153Completed
Load sharing in a DC microgrid using autonomous controlNJd153Completed
Design and Performance Analysis of Microstrip Antenna for 5G communicationsBKM152Completed
Design and simulation of smart antennaBKM152Completed
Improvement of Automatic Generation control for DEPZ power plantFYK152Completed
Human Machine Interface (HMI)KM152Completed
Design of a 48V to 220V DC-DC converter for 3.5kW Solar Nano GridMNC152Completed
Smart Family Health Care SystemMNH / KM152Completed
Simulation and Parameter extraction of PIN Solar CellMRKA152Completed
Design of  a  Low Phase Noise Microwave OscillatorMSAH152Completed
Blood sugar monitoring by smart phoneN. M. Huda/K. A. Mamun (KM)152Completed
Telecom Policy in Bangladesh PerspectiveTSa152Completed
D-q axis field control of an Alternator for better regulationFYK151Completed
Implementation of smart grid and FACTs in the mini grid solar PV systemFYK151Completed
Prospect of solar PV based Power generation in the marshy lands of bangladeshFYK151Completed
Study and implementation of different techniques for improvement of solar PV system efficiencyFYK151Completed
FPGA Based Digital OscilloscopeGER151Completed
Mars RoverGER151Completed
MCU Based VAR compansation systemGER151Completed
Solar Charge Controller Design Using CadenceIBC151Completed
Simulation of Multi Channel Top Gated CNTFET Using COMSOLMRKA151Completed
Automated Conveyor SystemMWK151Completed
Prospect of FACTs in Bangladesh Power SystemMWK151Completed
Network schedulers for 4G systemRM151Completed
Space Time Processing for LTE networksRM151Completed
3-D path instructor for a blind person using Artificial intellengenceSAC151Completed
48V to 220V , 2kW dc-dc converter for solar nano grid and irrigationSAC151Completed
Design of a low voltage distribution system for small scale power plant.SAC151Completed
Application of Solar thermal power for rural peopleSMLK151Completed
Design and developemnt of DC energy meter for solar powerSMLK151Completed
Wireless Power Transfer, Large PowerSMLK151Completed
Face CategorizationAbAH143Completed
Flying Surveillance Robot (dron), Part-2GER143Completed
Land Surveillance Robot (3D mapping of unknown inner area) Part-2GER143Completed
A Fuzzy-Logic based Speed control approach for Induction MotorHB143Completed
Design and Implementation of digital frequency relayHB143Completed
Design and Implementation of smart automated voting MachineHB143Completed
Graphene Nanoribbon FET Based OPAMP Design using CadenceIBC143Completed
Pico Solar GridMWK143Completed
Automatic solar irrigation system with remote monitoringSAC143Completed
Basic Standard Cell Design using Cadence Virtuoso for ASICSAmd143Completed
Design and Implementation of Solar Powered BoatSMLK143Completed
Detection of Electricity TheftSMLK143Completed
Smart Metering SystemSMLK143Completed
Wireless Power Transfer, Small PowerSMLK143Completed
Application of FACTs in the transmission network of BangladeshFYK142Completed
Economic Load Despatch in Grid-connected and Distributed EnvironmentHB142Completed
Simulation of Substation integrated monitoring system using LABVIEWHB142Completed
BiSFET Based OPAMP Design Using CadenceIBC142Completed
Graphene FET Based OPAMP Design using CadenceIBC142Completed
InAs-Channel/Al2O3-Gated GAA FET based OPAMP Design Using CadenceIBC142Completed
Health Mangagment System for Diabetic PatientKIUA142Completed
Bi directional dc-dc converter for solar nano grid systemSAC142Completed
Development and feasibility study of solar auto rickshaw project in BangladeshSAC142Completed
Design of a Micrstrip Patch Antenna for GNSSBKM141Completed
Simulation and Performance Analysis of LTE 4G networkBKM141Completed
Breast Cancer Detection from MammogramHAK141Completed
WCE image segmentationHAK141Completed
Optical Gated CNT Based Full Adder Design Using CadenceIBC141Completed
Quantum Dot Gate Based Ternary ALU Design Using CadenceIBC141Completed
Classificaiton of ERP for Brain Computer Interface (BCI)KIUA141Completed
Charge Controller for Solar Home SytemMKMR141Completed
Femtocell network routing and throughput estimationRM141Completed
LTE Simulator development and channel estimationRM141Completed
Design of a dual band Micrstrip Patch Antenna for wireless communication using AnsoftBKM133Completed
Performance and cost estimation of a wind farm using RETscreenBKM133Completed
Data Mining & Visualization by Self-Organizing MapMKMR132Completed
Detection of Valvular Heart disease using PCGMKMR132Completed

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